Harness the power of coupon discounts and grab a cost-effective price with an incredible array of Hostgator Coupons for 2014. These Hostgator Coupon Codes provide the best value for you the consumer and it will be advisable to take advantage of these discounts as soon as possible. The codes for this month are as follows:

MUCHMORE30 this coupon code value is 30% and it is best used on a longer billing cycle (valid on all Hostgator plans)


WIPEAWAY995 this Hostgator promo code will reduce your invoice total by $9.95 (valid on all plans for December 2014)


ONEBYONE this coupon value is $9.94 and it will give you hosting for one cent in your first month (valid on the baby/hatchling plans)


RESELLER25X this discount code value is 25% (valid on all plans)

Whatever hosting plan you choose you can reap a huge discount with the coupon codes on this website. If you are already on the payment page on Hostgator’s website you will already know where to paste the Hostgator Coupon December 2014 code, but if you are not sure we have illustrated the exact steps necessary to utilize the promo code of your choice:

How to Create a Web Hosting Account and Secure Your Discount with Hostgator?

On Hostgator’s homepage click “view web hosting plans” to see what hosting plans and packages Hostgator have on offer. Click this button only if you are interested in Hostgator’s shared hosting plans, if not, then just choose VPS, Reseller or Dedicated plans from the homepage

web hosting plans

If you are interested in web hosting that does not comprise of the shared hosting plans then choose one of the 3 other package types as depicted below:

VPS, Dedicated, Reseller Plans

Read through the features of each plan and select the plan and billing cycle which best suits your needs:

hostgator hosting plan selection


Now that you have entered your domain name, you can view your plan and billing cycle one more time to verify that all is okay. Once you’ve done that you can enter your account details as well as your payment information. The page is secure so all information entered is encrypted – no need to worry about anything:

account creation process

Okay, we almost done! The next step is to select certain addon services offered by Hostgator. Most of these services are really not needed for the the average website but the “SiteLock” addon is a great extra feature as it protects your website and provides an extra layer of insulation that is undoubtedly required for any website. You don’t really need the “daily back-up” addon as Hostgator offer a “weekly back-up” for free on all websites hosted on their servers.

Finally, enter the Hostgator Coupon Code 2014 of your choice in the field provided, see discount and invoice total, accept terms and click “create account”. Congrats, you are now a new Hostgator customer and join an elite crowd of webmasters that consists of millions of people from all over the world who are proud and satisfied to be a part of the Hostgator team.

hostgator coupon 2014

How to To Extract The Most Value from Your Chosen Hostgator Coupon 2014?

You may be asking: which Hostgator promo code is best for me? We thought we will provide a brief explanation to help you choose the best Hostgator coupon 2015 which will provide the most value to you. Essentially, there are two coupons on offer: one which offers you a percentage discount of 30% and the other that offers you a dollar discount amounting to $9.94.

To find out which Hostgator coupon is most valuable you will have to look at the Math. 30% of a total of $33 is equal to $9.90 which is almost the value of the $9.94 coupon. What this tells us that any invoice total below $33 will make the $9.94 coupon more valuable than the 30% off coupon code. Simply put: use the $9.94 coupon for an invoice total of $33 or below or use the 30% off coupon on any amount above $33.

Of course, the longer the billing cycle and the more you pay upfront the more you will save when using the 30% off coupon. And it is important to mention that you can get hosting for one cent in your first month when selecting the Hatchling/Baby plans by using the $9.94 off coupon code.

That is basically how these discount codes can be used but the math will change slightly if the discount totals on offer change. We ensure the best Hostgator Coupon Codes (Dec 2014) are on this website, if there are better value hostgator coupons (2014) on offer we will update this page and publish the coupons immediately. Be comfortable knowing you have latched onto the best Hostgator discounts for the month of December 2014!

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